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Bridgestone focus on winter tyres

Winter tyres Published the 16/04/2012 by Jack

Bridgestone has recently invested in testing facilities in Sweden. The sign that winter tyres are at the heart of the tyre manufacturer’s European strategy. We visited the Swedish Proving Ground located just outside the Arctic Circle and tested a promising prototype.

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For major tyre manufacturers, the European winter tyre market has become strategic. Boosted by the combined effect of legislation changes (winter tyres will be mandatory in 11 European countries by the end of 2012) and increased safety awareness among drivers, the market has grown by 50% over the last three years. In 2011, the winter tyre represented a third of total tyre sales, i.e. 100 million tyres.

Location: Vidsel in SwedenCopyright © : Google Maps
With this in mind, Bridgestone has just signed a long-term lease with the Swedish Proving Ground. Located at Vidsel in Sweden, less than 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, this testing facility will provide the tyre manufacturer with optimum conditions to test its winter tyres for almost four months a year.  This is a great way for Bridgestone to further develop its expertise and product range.

  • Bridgestone prototype test: Promising performances
    Lateral grip, traction, braking: In all tests, the prototype presented by Bridgestone was better than the Blizzak LM30, one of its winter tyre range flagships. An enlightening demonstration of Bridgestone’s expertise