Winter tyres: advice for safe driving - Braking on snow: Summer tyres versus winter tyres

Braking on snow: summer tyres versus winter tyres

Winter tyres Published the 09/12/2013 by Peter

Winter tyres or summer tyres? This is the question that many of you ask each year. You will be surprised to see that braking distances are completely different when travelling at only 25 mph …

Winter tyre on snow If you can’t decide between summer tyres and winter tyres for the cold winter months, this braking test may help you make up your mind - Copyright © : rezulteo

Last week we published a comparative video demonstrating why it is not enough to fit two winter tyres at the front. Today, following the same theme, we are publishing a video that compares the braking performance of two categories of tyres on snow: Summer tyres and winter tyres. For this test conducted on the Val d’Isere track, two Megane 3 cars were available, one fitted with Michelin Alpin 4 winter tyres and the other with Primacy 3 summer tyres. When driving at a speed of 25 mph, both vehicles applied brakes when they saw a marker on the ground. The verdict is: New summer tyres take twice the distance to stop compared with winter tyres.