New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Yokohama extends its winter range with two new tyres

Yokohama presents two new winter tyres for its BluEarth and IceGuard ranges

New tyres Published the 22/03/2017 by Yannick O’Conor

Yokohama chose the Geneva International Motor Show to present two new winter tyres: the BluEarth*Winter V905 and the IceGuard IG65.

BluEarth-WINTER-V905 BluEarth Winter V905 - Copyright © : Yokohama 2017

BluEarth Winter V905: an eco-friendly winter tyre with superior performance

Yokohama chose the Geneva International Motor Show to launch the first winter tyre in its eco-friendly BluEarth range: the BluEarth Winter V905. Made from a polymer compound mixed with silica and orange oil, this tyre has been developed to meet increasingly stringent European environmental regulations. As well as improving vehicle fuel efficiency, this tyre is based on advanced technology used for the V905, a tyre recognised by the General German Automobile Club (ADAC) for its winter performance.

The combination of the and BluEarth technology gives the new tyre superior stability and performance, and not only on ice and snow. The tyre also performs in wet and dry conditions, while promising fuel efficiency over the long term.

The tyre will be available this autumn in a large number of sizes,119 to be exact, for 15-inch to 22-inch rim diameters. 

iceGUARD-iG65Copyright © : Yokohama 2017

A new studded tyre

At Geneva, Yokohama also presented the IceGuard IG65, which according to the manufacturer contains all of the latest state of the art technology for studded tyres. A direct descendant of the IG55, this new studded tyre has been developed for drivers who regularly have to deal with icy conditions. With a larger number of studs, more evenly arranged at the centre of the tread, this tyre promises better performance in extreme weather conditions. 

The IceGuard IG65 will be available in Russia and northern Europe. Planned for release this autumn, it will come in 29 sizes, for 16-inch to 18-inch rim diameters.