New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Yokohama launches the BluEarth A AE50, a low rolling resistance tyre

Yokohama launches the BluEarth A AE50: a low rolling resistance tyre

New tyres Published the 17/04/2014 by Harry

Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama is replacing its low rolling resistance range of tyres with the BluEarth A AE50, designed to offer the best possible performance on wet roads and in terms of rolling resistance.

Yokohama BluEarth A AE50 Yokohama BluEarth A AE50, a reassuring tyre in the wet, fuel efficient on the road - Copyright © : Yokohama

Efficient in rain and at the pump

At Yokohama, low rolling resistance tyres for compact cars with a “conventional” engine pass through the BluEarth-A range that takes its place alongside more specific ranges designed for generous sized sports cars or SUVs.  Its recipe is common in the tyre world and quite similar to the one proposed by most competitors: an optimised tread to reduce fuel consumption and deliver good performance on wet roads, two extremely important criteria even if only to obtain a good rating for the mandatory tyre labelling. The BluEarth-A AE50 relies on its Nano Blend compound and asymmetric tread design to improve its dynamic handling, optimise its braking ability on wet roads and above all, reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption thanks to a low rolling resistance. Noise levels have also been reduced.


14 sizes in 2014

For the new BluEarth-A AE50, Yokohama has announced the list of available sizes, which will count fourteen different sizes as from 2014. The range will cover 16 inch (195/65R15) up to 18 inch (235/40R18) rims, and on the whole, obtains a rather good rating (C for rolling resistance, A for wet grip, 71 or 72 decibels for external noise). Note that additional sizes will be available at a later date.