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Yokohama BluEarth-1, excellent energy efficiency

New tyres Published the 13/04/2011

All the parameters of the BluEarth-1 have been designed to offer excellent energy efficiency. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of each vehicle fitted with these tyres, while at the same time offering a good level of safety.

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> Enhanced drag coefficient

Air resistance is an important factor in fuel consumption. For this reason, the BluEarth-1 was designed in a wind tunnel to limit its aerodynamic drag. The work concerns the tyre's sidewalls but also its tread. Yokohama claims air resistance 3.6% lower than its competitors.

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> Controlled weight

In some automobile circles, weight is considered the "enemy". The BluEarth-1 lives up to this reputation availing of a special lightweight structure. The goal was to reduce the unsuspended masses (components comprising wheels, braking system etc… not directly affecting suspension), to have a positive effect on the tyre's energy efficiency. Yokohama claims a weight saving of 17 % compared to competitor tyres.

> Low rolling resistance

As well as contained weight, the BluEarth-1 uses a new compound enabling fuel savings to be combines with grip on wet roads and longevity. Yokohama is already communicating on energy efficiency, announcing that the tyre will get excellent grades on future tyre labelling (valid from 2012).

> Optimisation of wet grip

The BluEarth-1 has been developed to offer regular and balanced performance. Grip on wet surfaces has been especially carefully designed with a silica-based rubber compound, and orange oil infused in the natural rubber, which also reduces the use of hydrocarbons.

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Yokohama BluEarth-1
Targets and context
The dimensions

The Yokohama BluEarth-1 in figures
o   – 3.6%: resistance to air*.
o   – 17% weight*.
o   –  36%  permeability**.
* Compared to competitor tyres (source Yokohama)
** Compared to traditional Yokohama tyres (source Yokohama)