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Yokohama ADVAN V701: sporty, but above all versatile

New tyres Published the 10/03/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama used the Geneva Motor Show to introduce its new high performance tyre, the Advan Fleva V701.

The Yokohama ADVAN V701 high performance tyre With the ADVAN Flevan 701, Yokohama introduces a high performance tyre offering sporty handling and superior grip. - Copyright © : Yokohama 2016

Available from July 2016 in 24 sizes, the Advan Fleva V701 will be available in a total of 43 different sizes from the beginning of 2017, ranging from 195/55R15 85V to 255/30R20 92W.

Sporty at heart and with its high-end positioning, the ADVAN Fleva 701 nevertheless claims to be versatile, delivering sporty handling on city streets, directional stability on roads and superior grip when cornering. The directional tread pattern improves the evacuation of water and also delivers excellent handling in wet conditions.

In other words, this tyre must be compatible with multiple driving styles and as many vehicle types, from the saloon to the compact car, not forgetting the crossover.

For maximum sportiness, the Fleva 701’s profile is directly inherited from the ADVAN Sport V105, widely recognised for its performance in this area.

Finally, if Yokohama wanted it sporty, the ADVAN Fleva 701 is also environmentally friendly with a low rolling resistance and moderate noise emissions (rated C to A depending on sizes).