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Yokohama Advan Sport V105: A high performance tyre for powerful and luxurious cars

New tyres Published the 11/02/2013 by Charlotte

Successor to the renowned V103, Yokohama’s Advan Sport V105 boosts performance and driving pleasure thanks to technological improvements derived from its motorsport experience. Fans of high performance cars should appreciate it …

Yokohama high performance tyres for powerful and luxurious cars Copyright © : Yokohama

With the Advan Sport V105Yokohama is targeting the  luxury saloon market (MercedesAudiBMW…) as well as ultra sporty cars (Aston MartinPorsche…). In this market segment, the tyre manufacturer puts forward some convincing arguments.  Official supplier to the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), since 2006, Yokohama has built on this experience to produce its new UHP (ultra high performance) tyre.

official supplier to the World Touring Car ChampionshipCopyright © : WTCC

The Nurburgring circuit, home to Germany’s leading car manufacturers, has been central to this tyre’s development.  A convinced Mercedes-Benz has selected the Advan V105 as original equipment for its SL, SLK, CLS and C Class models.

Redesigned tread pattern for more comfort and grip. 

Compared with its predecessor, the Advan Sport V103, the V105’s tread pattern has been completely redesigned. The tread design remains asymmetric, but the inner tread has been optimised for wet grip and the outer tread for dry handling. All the rest has been revised.

Profil of the Yokohama Advan Sport V105 tyreCopyright © : Yokohama

  • Three broad grooves and one thinner one effectively drain water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
  • A system of cavities on the sides of these grooves (alternating 5-pitch variation) reduces rolling noise.
  • Tread blocks, with their new “Mound Profile” (rounded) provide stronger grip and reduced wear. They also provide a more even distribution of ground contact pressure and improve heat dissipation.


A longer lasting, high performance tread compound

Yokohama’s Advan Sport V105 comes with a new tread compound featuring increased quantities of silica and an agent to disperse silica grains more evenly (“microsilica” process) in the compound. Orange oil, which makes rubber more pliable, can also be found in the compound.  Result: Improved wear resistance and enhanced wet grip.

A stiffer and lighter carcass

Another motorsport-derived improvement: The “pseudo-radial” carcass. Whereas plies are usually positioned at 90° in relation to the tyre surface, for the Advan Sport V105, Japanese engineers have inclined them at 80% . As such, they obtain “triangulated” sidewalls, in the same way as bicycle wheel spokes, which offer a better resistance to braking and traction longitudinal forces.

Matrix carcass construction for the Yokohama Advan Sport V105Copyright © : Yokohama

This innovation, combined with the “Matrix Body Ply” multi-layer technology, has improved steering precision on all road surfaces and has reduced tyre weight by more than 4%. (– 4.6% for the tyre size 265/35 ZR 19).

Improved performances

With these technologies, the Yokohama Advan Sport V105 has significantly improved its performances compared with the Advan V103:

  • 14% improvement in wet braking
  • 11% improvement in wet handling
  • 15% reduction in road noise

Comparative performance tests for the Yokohama Advan Sport V105Copyright © : Yokohama

*Tests performed with a V105 265/35R19 tyre

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