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Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R: for the road and track

New tyres Published the 01/04/2014 by Harry

With its sports tyre range, tyre manufacturer Yokohama has always been a pioneer. Its latest addition is no exception to the rule; the AD08R comes packed with race technology approved for the road.

Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R The Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R, designed for fast road driving - Copyright © : Yokohama

A radical, but versatile tyre

Despite its distinctive tread with fewer grooves, the Neova AD08R is not alongside the A021R, A032R and A048 in the manufacturer’s range of semi-slick tyres. Considered as being an ultra high performance road tyre designed for fast road use and occasional track driving, this tyre is still highly distinctive.

The Advan Neova ADO8R replaces the AD08. Aesthetically the newcomer has not changed and keeps the elements that made its predecessor so successful:

  • The continuous single shoulder blocks provide excellent tread rigidity to ensure powerful grip. Channels at the base of grooves are designed to improve stability when driving at high speed.
  • Sidewalls are also reinforced with steel inserts in the casing to enhance cornering performance. Sequential round grooves effectively drain water to improve wet performance.

But the real changes lie with the tread compound and the arrival of the MS Compound 2R, a compound developed with performance in mind. It features carbon, micro-silica and polymers mixed with macro-molecules and orange oil. A combination designed to enhance the tyre’s adhesion to road surfaces, ensure wet grip and its sports characteristics in all circumstances.

Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 RCopyright © : Yokohama

Considerable performance improvements!

Tsukuba circuitCopyright © : Yokohama

To measure the tyre’s performance and the progress made, Yokohama organised comparative tests using a Toyota GT86 fitted with 225 45R17 91W size tyres as the basis for the comparison.

In terms of pure performance, the Neova AD08R is on average 0.685 seconds faster per lap on the Tsukuba circuit (lap time taken on 5 consecutive laps).

Yokohama also conducted comparative tests with prepared vehicles which you can discover in the following video:

In braking tests, the newcomer also outperforms its predecessor with 3% shorter braking distances on dry roads and 5% shorter braking distances on wet roads (test conducted at 100 km/h with a Honda Civic Type R fitted with 225 45R17 91W size tyres).