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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R: A sleekly designed ultra-high performance tyre

New tyres Published the 26/03/2013

At the Geneva Motor Show, Vredestein’s Ultrac Vorti R was one of the most impressive new tyres to be unveiled. With its Giugiaro design and ultra-sporty character, the Dutch company’s latest addition has solid arguments to seduce luxury sports car owners: Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8…

Vredestein Ultrac Vortic R Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R - Copyright © : Vredestein


At first glance, the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R’s unique design is striking. Italian designer Giugiaro has designed a pure and sleek asymmetrical tread with carbon accents on the sidewall.  But aesthetics is not this tyre’s only argument.  The tyre manufacturer promises outstanding high-speed performance: Grip, handling, stability and driving comfort speak for themselves.  Successor of the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti, the Ultrac Vorti R is tailored for high performance car drivers (Porsche 911Lamborghini GallardoAudi R8…) who want to exploit the full potential of their vehicle.


Video presentation of Vredestein’s Ultrac Vorti R 



Maximum grip

Vredestein’s Ultrac Vorti R has an extra-wide tread design which offers superior grip and handling, especially when cornering.  Large tread blocks on the outer shoulder improve lateral grip.

The tread compound of the Ultrac Vorti R contains multiple resins that are activated at different temperatures.  Result: The tyre maintains a high level of grip over a wide range of temperatures for longer periods.


Stability and precision




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The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R is specially designed for powerful cars: The belt angle has been adjusted to increase road contact, an extra groove in the tread design provides more cooling and as such allows the vehicle to maintain superior handling and stability at high speed.

Circumferential grooves have been engineered to compensate for lateral forces when cornering. The 30 degrees edge in the inner wall contributes to an even surface pressure at high speed.

With its Y speed rating, the Ultrac Vorti R is approved for speeds above 186 mph.



Ultrac Vorti RCopyright © : Vredestein

Most ultra-sporty cars are rear wheel drive and therefore require different sizes for front and rear tyres. This is why the Ultrac Vorti R is available in 5 different sizes for front tyres (from 235/35 ZR 19 to 265/30 ZR 21) and in 10 different sizes for rear tyres (from 235/35 ZR 19 to 305/25 ZR 21).




Intensive cooperation between Vredestein and Hamann

Cooperation between Hamann and VredesteinCopyright © : All Rights Reserved

BMW M5 fitted with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres with the Hamman logo

Design, performance, and perfection: This is the triptych that has enabled Hamman to join the elite circle of car styling companies. Today, the German firm customises top of the range models from brands such as BMW, Aston Martin, Roll-Royce, Mercedes-Benz or Range Rover. In recent years, Hamann and Vredestein have decided to combine their expertise to develop a tyre that is perfectly in line with the performances of proposed vehicles. After a successful experience on a Range Rover Evoque fitted with Vredestein’s Ultrac SUV Sessanta in size 295/30 ZR 22, the two brands have cooperated on BMW’s M5 and M6. Vredestein has even developed an Ultrac Vorti R featuring the Hamann logo on the sidewall.  



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