New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Ultrac Vorti, the new ultra high performance tyre from Vredestein

Ultrac Vorti, the new ultra high performance tyre from Vredestein

New tyres Published the 21/09/2012 by Jack

Vredestein cultivates its difference. The tyre manufacturer takes premium styling even further to offer a new ultra high performance tyre. Its newest addition, the Ultrac Vorti builds on this concept with a modern Giugiaro design and a name reflecting the powerful air flow generated when a helicopter takes off.

Vredestein Ultrac Vorti Copyright © : Vredestein

The Ultrac Vorti is the result of intensive cooperation between Vredestein R&D teams, several partners in the automotive industry, premium car tuners specialised in high performance (Carlsson, Arden…) and Giugiaro Design



Originally designed for a staggered setup


Vredestein Ultrac Vorti rear and frontCopyright © : Vredestein
The Ultrac Vorti is available in two versions: One for the front axle, the other for the rear, a concept which suits vehicles running a staggered setup.

The tyres sport a slightly different tread design to provide optimal handling of each axle. The front tyres discharge most of the water on wet surfaces whereas the rear tyres focus on grip and stability.


Larger footprint

 The Ultrac Vorti has a 4-radii contour (see the following diagram). This solution is designed to increase the ground contact surface. When cornering, the tyre’s outer shoulder carries the heaviest load, enabling the tyre to stay in perfect contact with the road.

The 4-radii contour of the Vredestein Ultrac VortiCopyright © : Vredestein
As for the asymmetric tread design, it increases the outer shoulder's contact with the road when manoeuvring to the left and right and offers excellent grip and handling.

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