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Two new high performance tyres from Cooper

New tyres Published the 19/10/2015 by Alexandre Lenoir

American tyre manufacturer Cooper is launching two new high performance tyres, the Cooper Zeon CS8 and the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport.

Cooper Zeon CS8, high performance tread Cooper is launching two new passenger car tyres that seem very promising in terms of performance! - Copyright © : Cooper Tire

Dedicated to passenger cars, the Cooper Zeon CS8 was rewarded with an A grade in wet grip tests. Developed in collaboration with David Coulthard, former F1 driver, this tyre which replaces the Zeon CS6 reinforces Cooper’s offensive in the high performance segment.

Its tread pattern with large circumferential grooves is designed to quickly clear water which reduces the risk of aquaplaning and improves wet braking. As for the sequenced tread blocks, they help reduce the noise generated when driving.

On the economy side, the tread compound has been designed to deliver excellent grip while reducing rolling resistance and as such, improves fuel efficiency

The tyre itself features a Wear Square indicator allowing drivers to quickly assess the level of wear based on a code that passes through five stages, starting with a full square and ending with an exclamation mark which means its time for a trip to the workshop.

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The Zeon 4XS Sport – which replaces the 4XS and XST-A – is a tyre designed for the compact and large SUV categories, a segment unaffected by the sales crisis in Europe. Like its cousin, the CS8, its tread is designed to quickly clear water, whereas a large central rib improves the feel and steering response of the tyre.

To reduce harmonic noises, tread blocks are split into different sized blocks. Finally, to improve performance in the wet (the tyre is rated A for this criteria), tyre warm up is accelerated by the presence of sipes with interlocking 3D points. The lightweight construction reduces the unsprung mass and improves performance.

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To date, the availability and prices of these two new tyres have yet to be announced.