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Turanza T001: Bridgestone’s new touring tyre

New tyres Published the 16/04/2012 by Jack

Designed for a wide range of passenger cars, the Turanza T001 uses the latest technology developed by Bridgestone. According to Bridgestone, this high performance tyre with its asymmetric tread design, silica rich compound and innovative design offers drivers “total harmony between safety, comfort, longevity and environmental performance.”

Bridgestone Turanza T001 tyre Copyright © : Bridgestone

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Turanza T001 is the new high performance touring tyre launched by Bridgestone. The Turanza T001 targets a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to large saloons. It will gradually replace the Turanza ER300, a tyre that is widely appreciated for its safety and environmental performance.

The Turanza T001 uses the latest technological advances developed by Bridgestone: A high-silica compound, NanoPro-Tech technology, and multi-rib design. The tyre has been specially optimised to meet the future European tyre label criteria.

Development objectives

  • Improve safety and control, particularly in wet conditions
  • Reduce the rolling resistance (fuel consumption, CO2 emissions).
  • Higher total mileage.
  • Enhanced driving comfort (handling, noise).

A real challenge
Given that wet safety and rolling resistance are conflicting performance requirements, Bridgestone has found a balanced solution by developing a new compound and by reworking all areas of the tyre (tread design, shoulders, carcass…).


The tests were conducted using 205/55 R16 91V tyres fitted to a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI. Here are some of the main findings compared to its predecessor.

  • Safety. On wet roads, the Bridgestone Turanza T001 delivers a 1 metre shorter braking distance (on average when braking from 50 mph to a standstill).  
  • Rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is improved by 19 % thus reducing fuel consumption by 2.3%
  • Comfort. Rolling noise has been reduced by 1dB, i.e. noise nuisance reduced by 20%.
  • Longevity. The Turanza T001 offers a 15% longer tyre life.

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