New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - The Yokohama BlueEarth-1, flagship of a new range of green tyres

The Yokohama BlueEarth-1, flagship of a new range of green tyres

New tyres Published the 13/04/2011

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the BlueEarth-1 is an expression of the manufacturer's new direction towards economic tyres in terms of materials and energy.

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The new communication campaign leaves no doubt as to its new strategic orientation. While the sports dimension remains omnipresent (Advan range), ecology is at the heart of the brand's concerns, symbolised in this new commitment, the BlueEarth-1.

By offering dimensions in the largest segment for sales volumes (15,16 and 17 inches), Yokohama is attesting to its desire to make a mark in a sector dominated by the major tyre makers. This is a battle for market share, but also a technical battle. Will the BluEarth-1 measure up to the performance of the category leaders? We'll have to await the results of the first tests to find out.

Competitors of the Yokohama BluEarth-1

BridgestoneEcopia EP150
MichelinEnergy Saver
ContinentalContiEcoContact 3
PirelliCinturato P1

Kinergy eco K425

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