New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - The Michelin Energy E-V increases the Renault Zoe’s driving range

The Michelin Energy E-V increases the Renault Zoe’s driving range

New tyres Published the 26/12/2012 by Charlotte

The Michelin Energy E-V will equip the Zoe, Renault’s small urban electric vehicle which will soon be available on the market. The result of a close collaboration between the two Groups, the Michelin Energy E-V increases the Zoe’s driving range by up to 6%. The Energy EV is the first AA rated tyre to be approved by a car manufacturer.

Michelin Energy E-V tyre Renault Zoe Copyright © : Renault

The Energy E-V is an example of a successful collaboration between a tyre and car manufacturer.

 In 2008, when Renault launched its project for the Zoe, a small electric car, they asked Michelin to specifically develop a tyre to increase its prototype’s driving range, the main limit for this type of vehicle.

Behind the wheel of the Zoe, Vincent Rousset-Rouvière, Head of Michelin Passenger Car and Light Truck Replacement Europe, and Bernard Dumondel, Customer Specifications Electric Vehicle Director with Renault, look back on the major stages of this fruitful collaboration.

Four years later, the Energy E-V is ready.  It will be fitted as original equipment (15 and 16-inch) on the Renault Zoe, which will go on sale at the end of 2012. Michelin engineers have integrated the vehicle’s characteristics (weight, acceleration, top speed, etc.) to develop a tyre, in line with the car manufacturer’s specifications. They have focused on the tyre’s sidewall, rubber compound, tread design… Result:  the Energy E-V alone allows the Zoe to increase its driving range by up to 6%. Furthermore, external rolling noise is considerably reduced.

Michelin Energy E-VCopyright © : Michelin

To achieve this result, Michelin has concentrated its efforts on reducing the tyre’s rolling resistance. Today, the Energy E-V is one of the few tyres with an A rating for energy efficiency, one of the three performances displayed on the European tyre label. It also obtains an A rating for wet grip.

As for Renault, their engineers have developed a heat pump and a regenerative braking system, which combined with the Energy E-V improve the range by 25% compared with the start of the project. Renault has announced that the Zoe is homologated with a range of 130 miles with a fully charged battery and between 60 to 90 miles in suburban use.

It is not yet known whether the Energy E-V will equip other electric vehicles.

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