New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Roadhawk, the new Firestone tyre delivering long lasting performance

Roadhawk, the new Firestone tyre delivering long lasting performance

New tyres Published the 14/10/2016 by Raquel Rodriguez

Tyre manufacturer Firestone presented the new Roadhawk at the Paris Motor Show 2016. A tyre designed to boost endurance and safety that aims to shake up the European market for mid-range tyres.

The Roadhawk, Firestone’s new tyre  Firestone launches its new tyre for compact cars and saloons: the Roadhawk - Copyright © : Firestone 2016

Improved grip in wet conditions

With its new Roadhawk, Firestone has thought of everyday drivers who use their vehicle to make various types of trips and who are looking for a tyre capable of offering maximum performance whatever the conditions: wet surfaces, emergency braking, etc. 

Firestone says that one of the new Roadhawk’s strengths is its tread pattern, specially designed to deliver the best possible handling on wet roads. As a result, the Firestone Roadhawk has obtained EU tyre label ratings reaching “A” for wet grip, for certain tyre sizes.

To create its Roadhawk, Firestone has used a very light casing which ensures low rolling resistance and thereby reduces fuel consumption. Furthermore, according to Firestone, performance, comfort and endurance are guaranteed during the tyre’s lifetime thanks to its special tread compound.

For which vehicles and when?

The Firestone Roadhawk is designed to equip compact cars and saloons. It will be available from January 2017 for 15 to 18 inch rim diameters.