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Quadraxer 2: Kleber plays the four seasons card

New tyres Published the 10/05/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

When summer and winter weather sometimes come on the same day, the all season tyre is a kind of safe investment. Kleber’s new Quadraxer 2 is set to change this category of tyres.

Kleber’s new tyre: the Quadraxer 2 Kleber’s new Quadraxer 2 delivers much better performance than its predecessor. - Copyright © : Kleber 2016

After a successful six years on the tyre replacement market, the Kleber Quadraxer, designed for compact cars, is now replaced by the Quadraxer 2. This all season tyre is characterised by superior performance on several criteria such as safety on wet roads, dry roads and on snow, as well as longevity.

On wet roads, the Quadraxer 2 obtains a B rating based on EU labelling criteria, a rating not often given in this market segment.

On dry roads, its new design delivers a 3.5 metre shorter braking distance than the first generation Quadraxer.
For slippery and snow covered roads, the Quadraxer 2 not only carries the M+S mark, it is also certified 3PMSF (3 peaks mountain snow flake), which guarantees its ability to deliver excellent traction and handling in poor weather conditions. 

Finally, as regards longevity, Kleber says that the Quadraxer 2 offers a service life up to nine months longer than its main competitor, the Hankook Kinergy 4S.

The Kleber Quadraxer 2  is now available in nine additional sizes compared to the previous generation, including 17inches and above, making it easier to equip a larger number of vehicles.