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Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3: a high performance winter tyre

New tyres Published the 10/06/2013 by Charlotte

Pirelli has launched the third generation of its Sottozero winter tyre. The Sottozero 3 has been designed for medium and large capacity engines to deliver maximum safety on all winter road conditions (dry, wet, snow, ice ...). It offers significant performance gains compared with the Sottozero 2. It will be available from October 2013 in more than 50 dimensions for 16 to 21 inch fitments.

Pirelli Sottozero Serie 3, a UHP winter tyre for a sporty drive Pirelli Winter Sottozero Series 3, a UHP winter tyre for a sporty drive - Copyright © : Pirelli

Presented as an ultra high performance (UHP) tyre, Pirelli’s Winter Sottozero Serie 3 is designed for vehicles with medium and large capacity engines.  It has been jointly developed alongside leading car manufacturers (Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroën …) to enhance the sports performance of cars.

Safety in all weather conditions

The Winter Sottozero 3 has a new compound that provides optimal performance over a wide range of temperatures. This innovation guarantees driver’s excellent grip throughout the winter period. The directional tread has an arrow shaped centre rib (1) to provide maximum traction on snow.

Another innovation: Pirelli’s high density, 3D sipe technology (2) improves vehicle handling on dry roads, braking performance and snow on snow grip. The contact patch has been enlarged to provide even more grip in all winter road conditions.


Improved water dispersal through two longitudinal groovesCopyright © : Pirelli - rezulteo

Pirelli has also focused on wet road performance. Two longitudinal grooves (3) have been enlarged to improve water dispersal and improve road holding in wet weather. Similarly, the shoulder is more rounded (4) to expel more water.

Finally, the tread design has been improved to increase tyre longevity. Pirelli engineers have notably focused on the tyre’s footprint, now enlarged and more uniform.


The Winter Sottozero 3 will be available from October 2013 in more than 50 dimensions for 16 to 21 inch fitments.