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Pirelli Trofeo: Resolutely sporty

New tyres Published the 31/03/2010

The name P Zero sounds like an invitation to fun, an ode to sports driving, or a siren song that most drivers cannot hear. It calls to the purists.

Its career included several evolutions that were as pertinent as their names are poetic: Nero, Rosso, Corsa… and the latest, Trofeo. With names like that, its orientation is clear, its hunting ground highly sporty driving. In direct competition with the tyre Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, it is aimed at owners of powerful cars looking for an effective multipurpose tyre on road and track. This tyre should be considered a semi-slick authorized for road use, and avails of impressive technical development which aims at offering optimal trajectory precision, maximum endurance and above all, good driving pleasure. Pirelli’s aim in fact is not to produce the ultimate product at any price; development really was geared towards a high level of performance, combined with a good level of safety. To offer this level of performance, it has an asymmetric tread pattern, two wide central ribs, and wide, even blocks offering different groove densities. The inner surface meets the needs of wet surfaces, the central ribs guide trajectories and resist braking stress, and the transversal sipes ensure handling and braking. The perfect tyre? Yes and no; it all depends on your use of it, if your vehicle is only used for sports driving, bingo - no hesitation needed. However, if you drive every day, remember that this is a special product, a little noisier than average, and with limited performance on dry surfaces. In fact, Pirelli has recommended sensible driving in the rain with these tyres. This tyre should soon be available at all good dealers.