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Pirelli Scorpion Winter: A grippy winter tyre for sporty SUVs

New tyres Published the 14/01/2013 by Harry

Successor of the prestigious Scorpion Ice & Snow, the Scorpion Winter is designed for high performance SUVs and crossovers. Designed to deliver maximum performance, the Pirelli Scorpion Winter offers enhanced safety and improved handling on all road surfaces.

The Pirellli Scorpion Winter for SUVs and crossovers Copyright © : Pirelli

Pirelli  extends its range of high performance winter tyres for SUVs and crossovers with the Scorpion Winter. It replaces the Scorpion Ice & Snow, which will continue but mainly for 16” tyres.

Designed to adapt to harsh winter conditions – rain, snow and ice - the Scorpion Winter is the ideal choice for SUV drivers who enjoy a sporty drive. It has been developed in close collaboration with Porsche and Volkswagen, brands renowned for their high performance SUVs.

According to Pirelli, the latest arrival in the Scorpion family offers enhanced traction and grip on treacherous winter roads as well as excellent dry handling and driving comfort.

Superior braking, traction and handling on snow.

The Scorpion Winter sports a completely redesigned tread pattern which contributes to improved overall snow performance – traction, braking and handling. Compared with the Scorpion Ice & Snow, traction in snow is up to 9% better and braking in snow is 10% better. The directional tread pattern has been carefully designed to give drivers complete control of their vehicle in all situations, and takes electronic driver assistance systems (ABS, ESP…) into account.


Enhanced grip on wet and snow covered roads.

The new tread compound ensures optimum traction on wet and snow covered roads.  Wide longitudinal grooves effectively expel water and slush to limit the risk of aquaplaning.

Dry handling

Pirelli guarantees superb handling and a precise steering response on dry roads, qualities delivered by the new tread design.

Comfort, economy and environment

Pirelli has also redesigned the internal structure of its tyre to reduce noise and improve rolling resistance. With this innovation, the Scorpion Winter has a longer tyre life and fuel consumption is down by 4% compared with its predecessor. External rolling noise is 3dB quieter.


The Scorpion Winter was released in Central Europe, Southern Europe, Russia and in Nordic countries. It is already available in 28 sizes, ranging from 16” to 21”.  A Run-Flat version is also available.

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