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Pirelli PZero Nero GT: A sports tyre suitable for a wide range of cars

New tyres Published the 22/03/2013 by John

Pirelli is launching a new version of its ultra high performance tyre, the PZero Nero. GT branded, this tyre is even sportier than its predecessor. Targeting premium compact cars as well as saloon and sports cars, this tyre is available in 60 sizes. Its key advantage: A longer life without compromising performance.

Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyre Pirelli launches the new PZero Nero GT - Copyright © : Pirelli

In the racing world, the “GT” extension is commonly used to describe a high performance car designed for long distance driving. By using it to qualify the new model from its PZero Nero range, Pirelli makes it clear: The PZero Nero GT is capable of balancing longevity with high performance.

To do this, the tyre manufacturer has worked on the tread compound and an increased contact patch. This tyre promises excellent road holding and superior driving comfort. Furthermore, the PZero Nero GT expands its target market: With 60 sizes available, drivers of Premium compact cars (Polo and Golf Volkswagen, Audi A3) as  well saloon cars (Insignia Vauxhall, Volvo S60, Mercedes C-Class, or even the Audi A6 or Mercedes E-Class) will appreciate this tyre.

Excellent road holding

Pirelli engineers have worked on the tread compound and pattern to improve stability and provide better road holding.  The PZero Nero GT provides superior wet and dry performance, a guarantee of safety for drivers of powerful cars.

Longevity and driving comfort

According to Pirelli, the new compound combined with the increased contact patch gives the PZero Nero GT a 20% longer tyre life compared with the PZero Nero, without compromising the tyre’s sporty characteristics. A low noise level throughout the tyre’s life also improves driving comfort.


The PZero Nero GT is available worldwide as of February 2013. With 11 new sizes for 17”, 18” and 19” rims, the PZero range is one of the most complete UHP lines currently available on the market.    

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