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Pirelli Cinturato P1: the best of Cinturato and P Zero technology

New tyres Published the 18/04/2011

Asymmetric tread, new type of silica, tension control system: the Cinturato P1 is at the leading edge of Pirelli’s know-how. It uses both “green performance” technology from the Cinturato range, and that of the P Zero sports range.

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The Cinturato P1 benefits from the previous experience acquired during the development of the Cinturato P4, P6 and P7.

The purpose of the tread developed by Pirelli is to balance the surface footprint, reducing energy dissipation without neglecting safety.
The tread has 3 grooves designed to evacuate water, which means lower risk of aquaplaning and improved braking distances on wet surfaces.

The continuity of the “step-shaped” tread design is the decisive factor in reducing noise emissions.

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Structure and the compound
In every Pirelli tyre, there is a notion of driving pleasure. This should instil a positive feeling in the driver and a certain responsiveness.
For this reason the Cinturato P1 uses a tension control system. This is a textile reinforcement placed between the tread and the edge providing a greater level of stiffness.

For a tyre to be successful, the rubber is of great importance. The Cinturato P1 uses a new type of silica developed to offer a compromise between performance and energy efficiency.

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In addition, the drag coefficient has been developed via the tread blocks and sidewalls of the Cinturato P1.

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