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Pirelli Cinturato P1: economic and quiet

New tyres Published the 18/04/2011

In comparison with the Cinturato P4 and P6, the Pirelli Cinturato P1 tyre significantly improves rolling resistance and noise emissions. It also improves on braking and road handling.

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The figures announced are those of the Pirelli brand. We should await the results of official test to learn the true performance levels of the Cinturato P1.

> Improved rolling resistance
Rolling resistance is a variable used to assess the energy efficiency of a tyre. The lower it is the less energy the engine will have to spend to move the vehicle. For the Cinturato P1, Pirelli claims a 25% reduction in rolling resistance compared with its predecessors. This improvement allows for a 4% reduction in fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions in the same proportions. This result was achieved by reducing the weight by 15%.

> Reduced sound emissions
The Cinturato P1 is optimised to reduce the exterior noise levels by 1.5 decibels when compared with P4 and P6 tyres.  The passenger compartment is 30% quieter than the Cinturato P4 (-1db).

>Improved braking distances
The Cinturato P1 has not only improved its ’green’ properties compared to the Cinturato P4 and P6, it is also safer. In fact, at 100 kph on a dry surface the P1 offers 4% shorter braking distances compared to the P4, and 3% on wet surfaces at 80 kph.

Pirelli claims rather exceptional longevity of 50,000 to 60,000 kilometres. According to the manufacturer, this figure should comply with several criteria to be obtained (rotation every 10,000 kilometres, ’realistic’ driving, suspension in good condition..). The figure is impressive but needs, however, to be verified before being approved. It should be remembered that the first criteria in a tyre’s life-expectancy is located between the seat and the steering wheel.

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Pirelli Cinturato P1
Targets and context
The technology
The dimensions

Pirelli Cinturato P1 improvements *
o - 25% rolling resistance *
o - 15% weight *.
o - 1.5 db out *.
o - 1 db of inside *.
o - 3% of the braking distance on wet surfaces *.
o - 4% of the braking distance on dry surfaces *.
* Compared to the Pirelli P4 Cinturato.