New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Nokian zLine, Line and eLine: The Finnish tyre manufacturer launches three new summer tyres

Nokian zLine, Line and eLine: The Finnish tyre manufacturer launches three new summer tyres

New tyres Published the 30/04/2013 by Charlotte

Finnish Nokian Tyres has just unveiled Line, its new summer tyre range. Line offers three tyre models: Nokian zLine, a sporty tyre for fast driving, Nokian Line, the wet road expert, and Nokian eLine, an eco-friendly tyre for small cars.

Nokian zLine on Audi Copyright © : Nokian

Nokian’s winter tyres are highly reputed. And, its summer tyres are becoming increasingly popular. The V ranges and above all, the Z G2 have passed tests conducted in 2012 by German magazines such as “Auto Bild” , “Auto Motor Sport” or Adac, the test organisation, with flying colours. There is no doubt that Line, the new summer range, presented by the Finnish tyre manufacturer will appeal to a wider public.

Nokian’s Line range offers three models:

Video presentation of Nokian’s new zLine



Nokian zLine: For a precise sporty drive at high speed

Nokian zLine’s Tread Pattern Copyright © : Nokian

The Nokian zLine guarantees high performance, excellent safety and optimal handling in all weather conditions.

It is specifically designed for sports car drivers, who enjoy fast driving and require driving precision.

The Nokian zLine is presented as the successor of the Nokian Z G2, winner of several tests in Europe. The new tread compound, the nanotechnology multi-layer structure and the new tread pattern allo

ws it to adapt to changing weather conditions while providing excellent driving comfort.

Optimum handling and stability

With its asymmetric tread pattern, the Nokian zLine supports optimum handling and driving precision.  Its wide ribs stiffen the tyre and reduce pattern block movement during road contact to improve the vehicle’s high speed handling.

Nokian zLine uses the latest technological innovations for its tyre structure and tread compound.

  • The multi-layer structure guarantees precise handling in all situations.
  • The Nokian UHP Silica tread compound ensures the tyre maintains its balance through a wide range of temperatures and improves wet grip.
  • The intermediate layer uses a nano-silica compound; the molecules ensure steering movements are quickly relayed.
  • Finally, the final layer uses an extremely firm rubber that lowers rolling resistance.

Aquaplaning resistance

Two innovative technologies are used to drain water more efficiently: Hydro Grooves store water from the surface before guiding it into longitudinal grooves and on the outer shoulder, Swoop Grooves increases the water storage capacity. Result: The risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced.

Nokian Swoop GroovesCopyright © : Nokian



By increasing the water storage capacity, Swoop Grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning.



Driving comfort and tyre longevity

To reduce rolling noise, Nokian engineers have added small circular indentations (like a golf ball) on the walls of transversal grooves (Silent Groove Design technology).

The belt, made from high strength steel wire, extends tyre life and improves performance.


The Nokian zLine summer tyre is available in 31 sizes (from 16 to 20 inches) for speed categories ranging from W to Y.

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Nokian Line: The wet road expert 


The Nokian Line offers powerful cars a safe drive from spring through to autumn by delivering excellent levels of grip on wet roads. 


Nokian Line on wet roads Copyright © : Nokian

Safe drive on wet roads

The Cross-Block sipes on the tyre’s centre ribs work in three ways:

  • On the outer shoulder, they provide driving stability;
  • On the inner shoulder, they ensure soft road contact, reducing rolling resistance and noise levels;
  • Finally, they store water during road contact and accelerate the flow of water into the main grooves.

    Nokian Line Cross Block SipesCopyright © : Nokian
    Like the Nokian zLine, the Nokian Line uses the Swoop Grooves technology, which store more water and guarantee excellent grip on wet roads.

    The rubber compound combined with silica particles ensures excellent wet road handling. At the same time, it reduces heat generation for an extended tyre life.

    Stability and precise steering

    The asymmetric tread pattern improves the tyre’s stability. A strong rib made from a rigid rubber compound to improve road holding, even at high speed, supports the centre section.  

    The double block support on the shoulder also increases driving stability and steering precision. During normal driving, the shoulder blocks flex to lower the tyre’s rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency.  For sportier driving, the blocks turn against each other to stiffen the tyre.


    The Nokian Line will be available in 45 different sizes (from 15 to 17 inches) for the T, H, V and W speed categories.

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    Nokian eLine: Eco-friendly and grip


    The Nokian eLine is a green tyre for small car drivers (particularly hybrids) who want to protect the environment, make fuel savings and enjoy maximum safety, particularly on wet roads. 

    Nokian eLine’s Tread Pattern Copyright © : Nokian

    Rated AA on the new European tyre label, the Nokian eLine delivers excellent grip on wet roads and also reduces fuel consumption.

    Excellent wet grip 

    With a moment of inertia considerably lower than that of other summer tyres, the Nokian eLine immediately reacts to steering movements even in difficult conditions.

    The sturdy belt and arched tread surface also contribute to driving stability. Acceleration slip has been reduced: The tyre is extremely efficient in the rain or on slippery roads, and braking distances are shorter.


    Eco-friendly tyre

    Rolling resistance has been reduced in several ways:

    • Grooves on the outer shoulder have been replaced by sipes;
    • Pattern blocks are wider and shorter longitudinally, for a better load distribution and less tyre deformation.
    • The cross-section is straighter than on traditional tyres.
    • The rubber compound allows the tyre to quickly reach its optimum operating temperature.


    The Nokian eLine is available in 15 and 16 inch sizes.  

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