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New tyres from Nokian: iLine and eLine 2

New tyres Published the 28/01/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

Finnish tyre manufacturer Nokian is launching two new summer tyres, the iLine and eLine 2, designed amongst other things, to cope with sometimes difficult driving conditions thanks to Venturi Grooves and the Coanda technology.

Nokian eLine 2 The new Nokian iLine and eLine 2 summer tyres are ideal for difficult conditions. - Copyright © : Nokian-2016

With sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches, the new iLine is suitable for vehicles in the city and compact car segments. It has been designed to handle the sometimes difficult driving conditions of the Central European climate, but at the same time it is resistant to damage from gravel and sun-scorched road surfaces. The Venturi Grooves, found on the inner and outer shoulders of the tyre, aim to improve aquaplaning resistance. If the contoured grooves located between the tread blocks accelerate the evacuation of water, it is the entire tread pattern that improves the tyre’s aquaplaning properties.
The iLine has not forgotten savings either, since in addition to being able to withstand changing weather conditions, it also has a low rolling resistance and good wear resistance. And, if the golf ball pattern on the sidewalls helps cool the tyre, it also reduces air resistance and rolling noise. Another trick to reduce the temperature of the tyre: pine oil added to the silica reduces friction between the molecules and therefore reduces the temperature of the compound.

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The 15 and 16 inch diameter sizes available for tyres from the eLine range are mainly designed for the compact car segment. Rated AA, this tyre claims to deliver excellent wet grip performance as well as fuel efficiency, considered to be among the best in the industry. Although specialising in winter tyres, Nokian hopes to make a name for itself among the premium summer tyre brands, notably by focusing its strategy on safety. As such, the tyre manufacturer is highlighting its Coanda aquaplaning prevention technology whose longitudinal grooves accelerate the extraction of water from under the tread. According to Nokian a similar technology improving aerodynamics can also be found on aeroplane wings and Formula 1 cars.

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Filtering rolling noise has not been forgotten. To prevent the passage of sound waves into the passenger compartment, Nokian uses a special rubber compound between the sidewall and the tread. Besides a tread pattern that reduces air resistance, the tread also features a driving safety indicator that clearly indicates the remaining tread in millimetres. When only 4 mm remains, a red stripe tells you its time for a trip to the garage.

The new iLine and eLine ranges will be available in the spring of 2016.