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Nankang Eco1: green tyre or marketing gimmick?

New tyres Published the 18/06/2010

At the Reifen Essen Trade Show (Germany) the Taiwanese manufacturer introduced their new green tyre. This is a first, considering the little interest shown in this range of tyres by the Asian manufacturers, until now.

Tyre on the Nankang stand at Reifen Essen Show Copyright © : rezulteo

What a surprise as we wandered through the aisles of the Reifen Essen show, to see a green tyre taking pride of place on the Nankang stand. The tyre, named ECO1, is certified ecological by its manufacturers. It has a very good rolling resistance, attractive fuel consumption and remarkable road braking tests. Excellent! This brief presentation came close to convincing us, given the eloquence shown by the stand manager. But our enthusiasm started to fade when we addressed the subject of “statistics and test results”. The representative became more laconic, admitting that no comparative tests had been done and that his instructions were to remain as discreet as possible about the statistics. A battery of tests are supposedly taking place in the more or less distant future. He did reveal to us that the Taiwanese brand wanted to penetrate the European market by carefully crafting the image of an ecologically responsible manufacturer, without highlighting the technical aspects of the product. To sum up, the manufacturer is working harder at the moment on its image than it is on its products. As far as we are concerned, we’ll wait for this green tyre’s test results to be published before we go ahead and recommend it to you.