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Michelin X-Ice 3: Technology

New tyres Published the 18/10/2012 by Charlotte

The new Michelin X-Ice combines three innovative technologies to deliver the right balance of performance: Winter Grip, Tear Drop and MaxTouch Construction. These solutions concern the rubber compound, the tread design and the tyre structure. Traction, contact patch, road holding, and energy efficiency: The X-Ice is advancing on all fronts.

La nouvelle technologie du Michelin X-Ice 3 Copyright © : rezulteo

Winter Grip Technology: Rubber compound + 3D sipes + micro-pumps

The Winter Grip Technology incorporates several processes that play a decisive role in the tyre’s performance on snow and ice.

Flex-Ice-Compound: the X-Ice 3 features a new 100% silica based rubber compound that ensures driving stability over a wide temperature range. It remains flexible at low temperatures and becomes rigid again when temperatures rise.

This compound also offers a longer tread life.

Cross Z Sipe: A 3D sipe technology that increases tread block stability and maximises road contact.

Micro-pumps: carved into the tread blocks, these cavities are designed to absorb the fine water film found on the surface of ice.

Cavities carved in the tread blocksCopyright © : rezulteo










Tear Drop Technology: Unique bottom shape of vertical sipes

The unique bottom shape of vertical sipes has an impact on how tread blocks are distributed for road contact and they also help absorb some of the heat generated by tyre deformation. The Tear Drop Technology consists in further developing this part of the tyre to offer improved high speed stability, therefore improved safety and a better feeling when driving.

Max Touch Construction: A larger contact patch

For a tyre to deliver its full potential, it must have a large contact patch. This contact patch ensures a high level of grip (safety), even wear (longevity) and a low rolling resistance (fuel consumption).  The Michelin X-Ice 3 has undergone specific development to address this particular aspect.   

Spotlight on the tread design

The Michelin X-Ice 3 features a tread design characterised by:

- A new tread block profile;

- 15% more biting edges (“block edges”) than the X-Ice 2;

- More tread blocks;

- Cross Z sipes;

- A zig-zag biting edge pattern;

- Reinforced for better lateral stability.

The Michelin X-Ice 3 tread design Copyright © : rezulteo


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