New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Michelin Pilot Super Sport: even more efficient and safer than the Pilot Sport 2

Michelin Pilot Super Sport: even more efficient and safer than the Pilot Sport 2

New tyres Published the 10/12/2010

Derived from Michelin's experience in motor racing, the Pilot Super Sport is aimed at very sporty cars. It is even better than the Pilot Sport 2 in terms of safety and longevity. Available for sale from the start of 2011.

New Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre in Dubai New Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre in Dubai - Copyright © : Michelin

For hypersports cars

With the Pilot Super Sport, Michelin is clearly aiming for pole position. The manufacturer is presenting is latest product as the fastest tyre on the market on track, referring to a comparative test conducted by TÜV SÜD Automotive, a reputed independent body. The Pilot Super Sport is aimed at the most sporty mass-produced cars on the market and specially prepared track vehicles.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport approved cars Copyright © : Michelin

Strengths: road holding, braking and longevity

With this exceptional tyre, Michelin wanted to go even further than the Pilot Sport 2  in terms of safety and longevity, without compromising on other performances. The Pilot Super Sport thus significantly improves road holding and braking in extreme conditions compared to its predecessor, until now considered as the reference in the sector.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport performancesCopyright © : Michelin

The experience of the Le Mans 24-hour race

The development of the Pilot Super Sport owes a lot to Michelin's racing experience. In particular in major endurance races, that require speed but also consistency and longevity. The tyre maker's investment in this domain led to 13 consecutive victories at the Le Mans 24-hour race. For the last edition, Michelin even beat three records: distance covered, speed reached and mileage.

Audi R15 TDi in Mans with Michelin Pilot Super SportCopyright © : Michelin

Technologies derived from motor racing

To enhance the performances of its sports tyre in extreme conditions, Michelin combined three technologies, two of which were from the Le Mans 24-hour race:
> The Twaron belt, using a high-density fibre which provides better high-speed stability to the tyre;
> the Bi-Compound tread comprised of different rubbers inside and outside the tyre;
> the Variable Contact Patch 2.0, which optimises grip both during straight-line acceleration and in bends at high speed.

Technology of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyreCopyright © : Michelin

In collaboration with Porsche, BMW M and Ferrari

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre was developed in close collaboration with the car makers Porsche, BMW M (the sports department of the brand) and Ferrari. The specifications were clear: the tyre had to magnify the ultra sporty nature of the car and enable daily use and use on a track in complete safety.

Ferrari 458 Italia with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyresCopyright © : Michelin

The Pilot Super Sport has already been approved by Ferrari (for its models 458 Italia and 599 GTO) and by Alpina (for its model B5). Approvals are in progress for the Porsche Turbo S and the Koenisegg Agera. At Michelin, it is hoped to exceed the 200 homologations obtained for the Pilot Sport 2.

Ferrari approved the Michel Pilot Super Sport for its models F458 Italia and 599 GTO

On sale in January 2011

Sales of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport are planned for January 2011. It will be available in five diameters. The replacement range will soon be completed with numerous original fitting approvals.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyre sizesCopyright © : Michelin