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Michelin Latitude Alpin 2: Technology

New tyres Published the 26/03/2012 by Daniel

The Michelin Latitude Alpin 2 takes advantage of the same technological innovations as the Pilot Alpin 4. Like the Pilot Alpin 4, the Latitude Alpin 2 uses Ridge-n-Flex which combines a highly grooved tread pattern (StabiliGrip sipes) and a flexible rubber compound at low temperature (Helio Compound 3D).

Michelin Latitude Alpin 2 Copyright © : Michelin

75% more sipes
The tread pattern plays a decisive role in a winter tyre’s performance. Specific development to improve traction and braking performance on snow and ice has further enhanced the Latitude Alpin. Compared to its predecessor, this tyre boasts up to 40% more edges and up to 75% more sipes.

Another key strength of the new Latitude Alpin: The Stabiligrip sipes. Designed with 3D Technology, Stabiligrip sipes are more deeply grooved than standard sipes and are placed at variable angles. The aim is to provide optimum traction regardless of the steering wheel angle.  The Stabiligrip sipes also break the water film and increase the rigidity of tread blocks.

Finally, the continuous centre groove ensures optimum torque transfer for high performance SUV’s.

The Helio Compound 3G rubber compound
The rubber compound has a decisive impact on a winter tyre's performance. Performance is even better since the rubber compound keeps its elasticity at low temperatures. To obtain this result, Michelin has developed Helio Compound 3G, a silica based rubber compound using sunflower oil.

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