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Michelin CrossClimate: now available!

New tyres Published the 21/04/2015 by Julien

The usually stagnant tyre market is in the midst of a major shake-up. Of all the “versatile” tyres launched by several tyre manufacturers since the beginning of the year, the most awaited is undoubtedly the Michelin CrossClimate.

The new Michelin CrossClimate tyre on a road The Michelin CrossClimate is setting a new standard on the all season tyre market - Copyright © : Michelin

Between the Firestone Multiseason, the Nokian Weatherproof, the  Pirelli Cinturato All Season and the Michelin CrossClimate, the all season tyre market is booming. But it must be said, in terms of buzz and visibility, the French tyre is leading the way and its launch is highly anticipated. This situation is perfectly logical since the very promising CrossClimate has been developed to meet the needs of many drivers: a summer tyre that can be used in winter.

First of all, it should be made clear that the CrossClimate has not been developed to compete with a real winter tyre. No, it is for drivers faced with occasional snowfall and who drive in unpredictable weather conditions which correspond to the fours seasons.

To satisfy these specifications, Michelin has taken its technical development a step further, and in particular, the compound that remains effective over a wide range of temperatures. Indeed, the use of silica has resulted in a compound that remains supple at low temperatures, without being too soft for use in summer which could be the case of a winter tyre.

The CrossClimate has a directional tread design, a choice that is clearly in favour of traction and longitudinal grip in snow. The focus has been placed on the performance balance to ensure uniformity for the entire performance spectrum. The tyre must be able to deliver safety on wet and dry roads but also on snow, which from a technical point of view, is a real challenge. Not forgetting, of course, energy efficiency (rolling resistance) and longevity which is announced as being similar to that of a summer tyre, type Michelin Primacy 3.

Note that it is certified 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). This acronym developed by American and Canadian tyre manufacturers attests to the real winter qualities of this tyre.

During our test of the CrossClimate, we were pleasantly surprised, particularly in terms of its responsiveness. The precision of this tyre on dry roads is identical to that of a summer tyre; it does not have that slightly spongy feeling specific to winter tyres. It is precise and reassuring
Our test in snow confirms, that for this exercise, this tyre has an undeniable potential.
However, we will wait for the results of several tests to see how it compares with recently launched competitors to truly evaluate its performance and validate our first impressions.


The Michelin CrossClimate will be available for sale from the month of May 2015 for 15 to 17 inch rim diameters. It is suitable for compact and saloon type vehicles. Other sizes are scheduled for the coming months in order to equip even more cars.