New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Michelin Agilis+, a green tyre for utility vehicles

Michelin Agilis+, a green tyre for utility vehicles

New tyres Published the 26/09/2012 by Daniel

More economical, safer and more robust: This is what Michelin promises with its new tyre designed for utility vehicles. The Agilis+ features the technology used to develop the Energy Saver+.

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Michelin used the launch of the Energy Saver+ to present the Agilis+, designed for the utility vehicle segment. In 2007, Michelin conducted a vast study among road transport professionals to find out more about their expectations in terms of tyres. The results showed that, in their view, the most important qualities were, in order:

  1. Longevity
  2. Robustness
  3. Braking
  4. Wet grip
  5. Fuel savings


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    On this basis, Michelin has developed a utility vehicle tyre with 100% silica whose characteristics comply with the brand’s new marketing strategy, Michelin Total Performance, an internal label that ensures the tyre has been developed to provide optimal savings, safety and longevity. 

    Energy efficiency
    The Michelin Agilis+ will save 270 litres of fuel over its service life (60 000 km) compared with a tyre that meets the minimum performance level defined in the European tyre labelling regulation (Class G).

    Higher total mileage
    The tyre manufacturer announces a longevity of around 70 000 kilometres for the Agilis+. However, this figure may vary depending on the driving style, the roads taken, etc.

    The Agilis+
     has reinforced sidewalls that protect it from damage from potholes and kerbs, as well as 8 anti-scrape patches.

    Like the Michelin Energy Saver+, the Agilis+ boasts a new rubber compound as well as an optimised structure and tread pattern. These solutions allow the Agilis+ to shorten braking distance by more than 17 metres on wet roads compared with a tyre that would receive the minimum European label rating. (Class G).

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