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Michelin A/S EverGrip: a tyre that regenerates itself

New tyres Published the 06/05/2014 by Ellen

Michelin chose the Detroit Auto Show 2014 to introduce a tyre with extremely innovative technical characteristics; a tyre capable of combating wear as it ages; thanks to a unique process.

Details of the Michelin Premier A/S EverGrip With the new EverGrip technology, Michelin introduces the Premier A/S, an all season tyre that regenerates itself - Copyright © : Michelin

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Regenerative wear

In principle, the more miles you drive, the more your tyres wear. This is why you should pay particular attention to the state of your tyres and check tread wear indicators regularly. Otherwise, your tyres can quickly become a safety risk.

At Michelin, an amazing technology helps combat these wear effects. Since 2005, the French tyre manufacturer offers a truck tyre featuring an innovative system that allows the tyre to regenerate itself as the tread naturally wears. In 2014, Michelin unveils the same type of tyre, but this time for cars.

This technology creates new grooves on the rubber as the tread wears, therefore the tyre maintains itability to evacuate water or provide grip on delicate surfaces.

For now, only for all season tyres

There’s no need to run straight to your tyre specialists, since here we are talking about a very specific tyre: all season tyres are very popular in the United States but non-existent in Europe.

Indeed, the process works much better on all season tyres, and at present cannot be used as summer tyres. For now, Michelin has reserved the Premier A/S EverGrip tyre for the American market only.

But, we imagine that further development will soon allow this technology to be found in other types of tyres. The tyre manufacturer has already invested tens of millions of euros to perfect this innovation which needed eight years of development.