New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Kumho presents the Solus HA31 and the WinterCraft WP51

Kumho presents the Solus HA31 and the WinterCraft WP51

New tyres Published the 24/06/2014 by John

As part of the Essen tyre show, Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho presented two new tyres designed for “all-season” and winter use.

Kumho Solus HA31 Kumho unveils two new tyres at the Essen tyre show: the Solus HA31 for all-season use and the WinterCraft WP51 for winter - Copyright © : Kumho

Solus HA31, four seasons

Kumho Solus HA31Copyright © : Kumho

In the four season tyre  category, the new Solus HA31 is South Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho’s latest offer. Said to be better than its predecessor in a number of areas, this tyre employs the same principle - the compromise between the performance of a summer tyre with a sufficient level of traction on snow and ice and that of a winter tyre. For example, in terms of wet handling, the tyre tread is designed to optimise drainage when driving. In terms of snow traction, certain parts of the tyre structure have been further enhanced, and even the tyre’s fuel consumption and directional stability. On the dimensions side, no less than 35 different sizes are available in the range, for 13 to 16 inch rim diameters.



WinterCraft WP51, for winter

Kumho WinterCraft WP51Copyright © : Kumho
With the new WinterCraft WP51, Kumho is targeting the winter tyre category, a product said to deliver better performances than the tyre it replaces. As usual for replacement products, the tyre manufacturer claims that progress has been made in terms of both energy efficiency (fuel consumption) and pure performance, whatever the road surface and weather conditions. The tyre’s profile has been further developed to offer increased structural rigidity. The ability to evacuate water has also improved and the new tread block design provides more lateral stability. Available in 18 different sizes, the WinterCraft WP51 range covers rim diameters ranging from 14 to 16 inches.