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Hankook Ventus Prime3: a comfortable compromise

New tyres Published the 21/03/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

Performance often comes at the expense of comfort. With its new summer tyre, the Ventus Prime3, specially designed for the European market, tyre manufacturer Hankook hopes to demonstrate that it is possible to deliver both while remaining as environmentally friendly as possible.

Hankook Ventus Prime3 fitted on a saloon car Suitable for compact and family saloon cars, Hankook’s Ventus Prime3 brings many improvements in terms of braking and handling. - Copyright © : Hankook 2016

Available in 53 sizes ranging from15 to 18 inches (H, V, W and Y speed ratings) making it suitable for both compact and family saloon cars, the Ventus Prime3 achieves significant improvements over the generation it replaces.

A new tread compound combined with four wide grooves for rapid water drainage improves, for example, wet braking performance by up to 8% and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.  

In dry conditions, the asymmetric tread design increases the tyre’s contact area by 10 % whereas the work done on the stiffness of shoulders improves handling and cornering stability.

In dry conditions, braking distances are 3% shorter than the previous generation. Furthermore, according to the Korean tyre manufacturer, the polymer based compound applied to the tread increases durability by 9%. Finally, a special effort has been made to significantly reduce rolling noise, both on the new tyre and when wear indicators are reached.

Produced in Hankook’s European production site in Hungary, the Ventus Prime3 is already available.

Hankook Ventus Prime3Copyright © : Hankook 2016