New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Hakkapeliitta R2 and R2 SUV: Nokian renews its Nordic range

Hakkapeliitta R2 and R2 SUV: Nokian renews its Nordic range

New tyres Published the 15/03/2013 by Peter

Nordic tyre specialist, Nokian has unveiled three new tyres in its flagship range: The Hakkapeliitta R2, a non studded winter tyre combining safety, driving comfort and eco-friendly travelling, and the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV, the R2 SUV version. These tyres will be available from autumn 2013.

Hakkapeliitta 8 tyre Hakkapeliitta 8 tyre - Copyright © : Nokian


Nokian has decided to renew most of its Hakkapeliitta winter range . The Finnish tyre manufacturer has presented three new products to the press, promising even better performance in terms of safety in extreme winter conditions, driving comfort and eco-friendly travelling.


Video presentation of the new Hakkapeliitta range from Nokian


Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2: a non-studded winter tyre combining safety and driving comfort

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 is a non-studded winter tyre that will safely tackle all winter conditions, on both slippery urban roads and on snowy rural roads.  It is designed for passenger car drivers looking for added safety, driving comfort and eco-friendly travelling. 


Excellent road holding

Specially designed for non-studded tyres, the multi-layered tread structure improves driving stability.

The centre rib on the new directional tread pattern improves driving stability and provides a precise steering response.

A dense sipe mesh helps remove water from the road surface to offer optimum grip on wet and icy roads.

Optimum grip whatever the temperature

The Hakkapeliitta R2’s tread pattern Copyright © : Nokian
The new tread compound (Cryo Crystal Concept) used for the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 provides improved tyre grip, even as the tyre wears down.  The principle? Crystal particles have been added to the rubber compound.  These particles act like studs and create grip edges inside the rubber itself.  The tyre maintains its excellent grip properties even as the tyre wears down.

The block geometry of the tread pattern also helps improve grip on ice and snow, especially while braking and accelerating. To prevent slush-planning, the tyre has triangle-shaped slush penetrators designed on the shoulder area to prevent the accumulation of slush between tread blocks.


A lower environmental impact

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 has an extremely low rolling resistance offering drivers significant fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.


The Hakkapeliitta R2 will be available from autumn 2013 in 56 sizes, from 13 inches up to 20 inches.


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Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV: Suitable for smaller and larger SUV’s

SUV fitted with the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUVCopyright © : Nokian

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV is designed for sport utility and off-road vehicles. It uses the same technology as the Hakkapeliitta R2. Its structure has been reinforced to support the SUV’s weight and ensure optimum performance of this type of vehicle's four wheel-drive.  


The Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV will be available from autumn 2013 in 47 sizes, from 15 inches up to 21 inches.


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Profil du pneu clouté Hakkapeliitta 8Copyright © : Nokian
Sculpture cloutée du pneu Hakkapeliitta 8Copyright © : Nokian