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Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance: A touring tyre with a BA label rating

New tyres Published the 05/04/2013 by John

The performance ratings shown on the label of Goodyear’s new touring tyre, from the EfficientGrip range, are excellent: A for wet grip and B for rolling resistance, a guarantee for fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions. Available in 39 sizes, this tyre is suitable for compact cars, saloons and family cars.

GoodYear EfficientGrip Performance Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance tyre - Copyright © : Goodyear

Goodyear has decided to refresh its summer tyre ranges. From now on, the brand will only be offering the EfficientGrip range to fit all types of vehicles from the small compact city car up to SUV’s. This range will replace previous tyre ranges such as the ExcellenceEagle NCT5 and Duragrip. Goodyear is doing likewise for its winter tyre ranges with the UltraGrip range.

After launching the EfficientGrip SUV in 2012, Goodyear chose the Geneva Motor Show to present the EfficientGrip Performance, a high performance touring tyre and the EfficientGrip Compact, a tyre for city cars.  With these three models, Goodyear now offers a complete range of summer tyres that cover the main car segments in Europe.


Video presentation of Goodyear’s Efficient Grip Performance 


Summer tyre for compact cars, saloons and family cars

The EfficientGrip Performance is designed to fit the most dynamic segment of the car market: Compact cars (BMW 1-SeriesAudi A3), saloons (Citroën DS4BMW 3-Series) and family cars (VW PassatAudi A4).

Goodyear has improved all tyre performances, especially those taken into account for European tyre labelling. As such, the EfficientGrip Performance is rated A for wet grip (A to B, depending on the tyre size) and B for rolling resistance (B to C, depending on the tyre size). Its rolling noise, the third criteria analysed for tyre labelling, is one of the lowest on the market for this range of tyre sizes (67 to 70 dB, depending on the tyre size).

The EfficientGrip Performance is available in 39 dimensions.


Low rolling resistance and improved wet grip

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyreCopyright © : Goodyear

Specially designed using the latest technology, the EfficientGrip Performance has a new tread design, compound and carcass.  As a result, the tyre achieves excellent tyre labelling results, but above all it offers a higher level of safety and lower fuel consumption.

The EfficientGrip Performance features five major advances:

  • The WearControl technology ensures that tyre wear is even and regular. It helps maintain stable performances and a lower rolling resistance throughout the tyre’s life.
  • A new compound provides a lower rolling resistance and as a result reduces fuel consumption while delivering optimised wet grip.
  • A Cool cushion layer reduces heat build up in the tyre across the entire surface.
  • The ActiveBraking technology, characterised by the 3D block design, increases the contact area when braking. This technology increases contact between the tyre and the road surface to deliver shorter braking distances.
  • The shoulder block arrangement and thin sipes on its shoulders keeps tyre noise to a minimum.

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