New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Falken Touring Azenis PT-722 presented at the Sema Show

Falken Touring Azenis PT-722 presented at the Sema Show

New tyres Published the 29/11/2010

The Sema Show is a Mecca for customization. This unmissable event is the starting point for numerous trends, a place where the most extreme preparations on the planet are presented, but also where new products are launched. Like Falken presenting the Touring Azenis PT-722.

New Falken touring Azenis PT-722 tyre presented in Sema Show Copyright © : Falken

This new all-season tyre, on sale from the first quarter of 2011, is to have an elite position at the top of the range, as presented by Andrew Hoit, the brand's marketing director: "We developed the Touring Azenis PT-722 for the after-market for vehicles like the BMW 6 and 7 series, the Lexus LS, Mercedes CLS etc.. this tyre will be available in 44 different sizes, from 16 to 20 inches."

Falken is announcing a tyre with excellent dynamic performances and a high level of safety with technology to reduce the risks of aquaplaning. Not forgetting notions such as comfort and of course, low rolling resistance. The first tests will confirm whether this tyre is as efficient as Falken has announced.

The Sema Show was also an opportunity for Falken to inform consumers about other ranges, such as the EcoRun, new tyres for trucks, buses, etc… with a low rolling resistance.