New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Falken launches the Sincera SN832 Ecorun

Falken launches the Sincera SN832 Ecorun

New tyres Published the 31/03/2014 by Peter

Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken presents a new rolling resistance tyre whose development has directly benefited from the use of a new supercomputer.

Falken Sincera SN832 Ecorun Falken Sincera SN832 Ecorun: a low rolling resistance and nanotechnology inspired tyre - Copyright © : Falken

A supercomputer simulation 

Tyre manufacturers now operate on a nanotechnology scale when they develop new tyres. And, for the first time, Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken has decided to use a supercomputer to take tyre development a step further. The Japanese government’s supercomputer, originally designed for climate simulations, has the ability to analyse the tyre compound in greater depth. Falken is therefore proud to have used this machine that falls directly within its 4D Nano Design process and has led to the development of the new Sincera SN832 Ecorun.


Better all round

Falken Sincera SN832 EcorunCopyright © : Falken
The Sincera SN832 Ecorun is a new low rolling resistance tyre that, on paper, outclasses its predecessor the SN828 in the most important areas of performance. For example, Falken not only announces a 22% reduction in rolling resistance compared with the tyre it replaces, but also a 27% reduction in braking distances. With this result, the tyre achieves an “A” on its label for wet grip.

The research conducted by Falken with these new tools has helped create a new compound and a new profile that considerably improves its dynamic performance. Lateral aquaplaning is reduced by 32% compared with the tyre it replaces. From the spring, the Sincera SN832 Ecorun will be available in 19 different sizes for 13"-15" rims with a T speed rating.