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Falken Azenis FK510: the UHP tyre that keeps rain at bay

New tyres Published the 22/03/2016 by Alexandre Lenoir

Latest addition to Falken’s range of ultra high performance tyres, the Azenis FK510 will replace the FK453 that has occupied the segment since 2012.

Falken introduces the Azenis FK510 Falken’s ultra high performance tyre features new innovations to deliver top performance in wet conditions - Copyright © : Falken-2016

Designed for the high-end market, this tyre has already been singled out for its performance in wet conditions where its siped blocks play a particularly effective role in preventing aquaplaning by breaking the water film like a breakwater cuts through a wave before it reaches the shore. When cornering, these same sipes optimise the tyre’s footprint to ensure directional stability.

Constant pressure

According to the engineers that developed it, the pattern also plays a role in the consistent pressure distribution throughout the tyre. Known as ACP (Adaptive Constant Pressure), this system evenly distributes, and in all circumstances, the air in the tyre to maintain handling stability, driving dynamics and braking performance whatever the driving conditions.

On the tread, the 4D Nano Design Technology applied to the compound gives the grooves and sidewalls enhanced flexibility to improve driving comfort, shortens braking distances without detracting from its efficiency.

The Falken Azenis FK510 will be available in ten sizes, ranging from 17 to 20 inches with a Y speed rating from spring 2016. Other sizes will follow later.

Falken Azenis FK510Copyright © : Falken-2016