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EuroAllSeason AS200: Falken’s first all season tyre

New tyres Published the 31/05/2013 by Charlotte

Renowned for its sports tyres, Falken has extended its product range to include an all season tyre. With a focus on performance balance, the tyre manufacturer says they have developed a tyre offering high mileage, reduced rolling noise and reliable handling on wet, dry and snow roads. The EuroAllSeason AS200 features the M+S label and 3PMSF symbol. It will be available from July 2013 in 27 dimensions.

Falken EuroAllSeason AS200 Falken EuroAllSeason AS200: An all season tyre for the European market - Copyright © : Falken

With the EuroAllSeason AS200Falken is targeting the all season tyre market, not yet developed in Europe but which could be roused in a context of decreased purchasing power. Tailored to adapt to all weather conditions encountered in temperate areas, the all season tyre avoids the need to buy two sets of tyres. A strong argument for a consumer trying to cut costs but, compromises in terms of performance must remain balanced.

The EuroAllSeason AS200 is the first all season tyre to be launched by Falken. According to the tyre manufacturer, it has been “specifically tailored to meet the complex requirements of the European market”. It offers a reduced rolling noise, a higher mileage and reliable handling in all road conditions: dry, wet and snowy roads.


Safety in all weather conditions

To reduce the risk of aquaplaning, four wide and deep longitudinal grooves along with lateral grooves efficiently clear surface water. The new rubber compound, with extra silica and a high proportion of styrene groups, delivers exceptional wet handling.

The AS200 sidewall also features the M+ S label in accordance with European regulations and the snowflake symbol (3PMSF – 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) which guarantees good traction in winter conditions.


Reduced noise

The work performed on the rubber compound and the tread design has helped reduce rolling noise (73dB announced, according to tyre labelling criteria).



To provide a higher mileage, the AS200 contains an anti-ageing agent that permeates continuously, thus protecting the tread from deterioration factors (temperature variations, UV…) throughout the tyre’s life.



The Falken EuroAllSeason AS200 will be available from specialist tyre dealers from July 2013 in 27 dimensions for 14 to 17 inch rims.