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Energy Saver+, Michelin’s new green tyre

New tyres Published the 14/08/2012 by Daniel

Michelin has officially unveiled the successor of the Energy Saver. By calling it Energy Saver+, the Clermont-Ferrand based company makes it clear. No revolution, but the tyre is much improved in terms of performance, safety, fuel savings, longevity. And to prove that the Energy Saver+ offers long term efficiency, the tyre manufacturer has asked Dekra to conduct a comparative test over 18 500 miles. The results speak for themselves.

Michelin Energy Saver+ Copyright © : Michelin

Launched in 2008, the Michelin Energy Saver  is one of the best selling tyres in the world, across all ranges. Renowned for its low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumptionit is used as original equipment on a large number of vehicles.

Its successor, the Energy Saver+is set to enjoy the same success. As its name indicates, this green tyre offers even better performance in all areas: Energy efficiency, longevity, wet braking …

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Energy Saver+ Performance

Michelin Energy Saver+Copyright © : Michelin

On its label, the Energy Saver+ displays very good results. For example, the ratings for the tyre size 205 55 R16 91V are:

• Energy efficiency: B 
(contribution to fuel consumption) ;
• Wet grip: A ;
• External rolling noise: 70 db.

Energy efficiency

Michelin announces a 44 gallon fuel saving over the Energy Saver +’s service life compared with a tyre that meets the minimum requirements defined in the  tyre labelling regulations. To achieve this result, Michelin has lowered rolling resistance by 18% compared with that of the Energy Saver.  


The Energy Saver + stops 16 metres shorter on wet roads compared with a tyre meeting the minimum tyre labelling requirements (G).


The Energy Saver + can be driven more than 28 000 miles in normal driving conditions.

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