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Dunlop Econodrive: A safe, economical tyre for vans

New tyres Published the 20/12/2012 by Harry

Designed for light commercial vehicles, the Dunlop Econodrive offers fuel efficiency, durability, longevity and driving comfort. These arguments will undoubtedly attract tradesmen and company fleet managers.

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Reducing running costs is a key concern for all owners of light commercial vehicles, whether they are tradesmen or company fleet managers.  With its new tyre, Dunlop aims to meet their needs. Better fuel efficiency, improved durability, and more comfortable than its predecessor, the Econodrive should satisfy the most demanding drivers.

Rolling resistance

The Dunlop Econodrive features  several innovations. Among these, a new design for carcass plies, a thicker sidewall (from 0.5 to 1mm) and higher plies. Combined with a heat-resistant compound between the steel belts, these elements help lower the rolling resistance. The tyre also comes with a new carbon black/silica compound that is designed to improve tread stiffness and increase mileage.

Thanks to these technologies, Dunlop claim that rolling resistance is down 20% compared with the LT 30, the Econodrive’s predecessor, and estimates that around 300 € of fuel can be  saved with its new tyre (comparison made with a Volkswagen T5 fitted with tyre size 205/65R16C 103/101T and consuming an average of 8.2 l/100 km (28.69 mpg)).  

Comfort and longevity

The Dunlop Econodrive also provides a uniform pressure distribution on the contact patch and stiffer belts (for a better transmission of lateral and longitudinal forces) to deliver enhanced road holding. Furthermore, the carcass reinforcement and thicker sidewalls improve the tyre’s durability. With these innovations, Dunlop claims that tyre life is increased by 47% (compared with the LT for the tyre size 205/65R16C107/105T)

Wet weather performance

The 4-rib tread design delivers excellent grip on wet roads. The central circumferential groove and the lateral grooves effectively clear water to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.


The Dunlop Econodrive is available in 34 sizes, from 175/65R14C to 215/55R16C.

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