New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Debica Frigo HP: A high performance winter tyre for powerful cars

Debica Frigo HP: A high performance winter tyre for powerful cars

New tyres Published the 13/11/2012 by Charlotte

The Frigo HP, Debica’s first high performance tyre designed for drivers who value dynamic driving in difficult winter conditions.

Debica frigo HP winter tyre Copyright © : debica

A high performance tyre was missing from Debiça’s winter tyre portfolio.  The Debica Frigo HP is designed to address this shortcoming and should satisfy even the most demanding drivers. Based on new technological solutions, the brand’s latest addition promises fast car owners excellent grip in all winter conditions as well as high durability.

Effective water and slush evacuation

The directional tread profile with V-shaped transversal grooves and wide circumferential grooves means the Debica Frigo HP effectively clears water and slush to offer good protection against aquaplaning and slushplaning.

Solid grip on snow and ice

The high silica rubber compound, high siping density and the increased number of biting edges ensure solid grip on winter roads, even at high speed.

More miles

The flat tread contour ensures an even pressure distribution across the whole tyre width.

 Result: These tyres offer a better mileage than standard winter tyres. The lighter structure also reduces the tyre’s rolling resistance.

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