New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Cooper Zeon CS Sport, the latest newcomer in the ultra-high performance tyre category

Cooper Zeon CS Sport: the latest newcomer in the ultra-high performance tyre category

New tyres Published the 14/10/2013 by John

Cooper Tire has certainly not forgotten the high performance tyre segment. The Zeon CS Sport is ready to battle it out at the top alongside the best products on the market.

Cooper Zeon CS Sport Cooper introduces its new Zeon CS Sport tyre in the sports and Ultra-High Performance range - Copyright © : Cooper


Ultra-high performance

There is no question of the Cooper Tire group forgetting the high performance tyre segment. To remain competitive in an extremely tough segment, the American tyre manufacturer’s European branch has revealed a new version of its sportiest tyre.

The new Zeon CS Sport replaces the Zeon 2XS in the ultra-high performance tyre segment alongside tyres from the Pirelli Pzero, Continental ContiSportContact 5 and Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ranges. 

Cooper Zeon CS Sport tyre testCopyright © : Cooper

Less fuel

As usual for a new sports tyre, better performances are announced in all areas, particularly in terms of fuel consumption. Same remark for driving comfort since the tyre features the Optinoise technology, developed to reduce tyre noise by lowering the rolling resistance.


More performance, better in rain

More so than driving comfort or increased fuel efficiency, Cooper has also highlighted dynamic performance improvements. Compared with the Zeon 2XS, the Zeon CS Sport has the ability to deliver an enhanced steering response. New technical solutions also offer improved lateral stability.

David Coulthard, Cooper Tire ambassador Copyright © : Cooper
Better on the dry, but also on wet tarmac. Again, the Zeon CS Sport delivers more precise handling than the tyre it replaces. Ex-Formula 1 driver David Coulthard, the brands ambassador, reiterates this. At a time when most tyre manufacturers are going to great lengths to deliver more complete products, good wet handling capabilities are mandatory if they hope to become a front runner in the category.


17 to 19-inch fitments, W or Y speed rating

The Zeon CS Sport range will be available for three rim sizes: 17, 18 and 19 inch fitments. The tyre will be available with the “W” or “Y” speed rating, which will cover a great number of high performance vehicles. Finally, the Zeon CS will be marketed at the beginning of next year (January 2014).