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ContiPremiumContact 5: Technology

New tyres Published the 28/03/2012 by Daniel

Reinforced shoulder blocks, a more flexible sidewall, additional sipes, a tread design with 3D edges …. To improve the ContiPremiumContact, Continental has added many innovative features.

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3D edges and sipes for enhanced braking
To improve braking performance, Continental engineers have incorporated 3D edges into the tread blocks. These transverse grooves prevent the blocks from curling in and offer a better transfer of braking forces.  Compared with the ContiPremiumContact 2, the additional sipes shorten the vehicle's stopping distance on wet roads. Notably, these sipes act like a “windscreen wiper” to break up the water film.

Wide shoulder blocks for optimum grip when cornering
Developed for sport tyres, the ContiPremiumContact 5 has wide shoulder blocks. This specific feature increases the tyre’s contact area in load bearing areas.  Drivers can now count on maximum grip when cornering.

Longitudinal grooves reduce the risk of aquaplaning
With its wide “aqua-grooves” designed to dry the road surface, the ContiPremiumContact 5 provides excellent protection against aquaplaning. Even at high speed, the tyre quickly disperses water between the road and the tread. This, however, does not compromise tread stiffness, an important feature for driving stability and wet handling.

Flexible sidewall and reinforced belt to lower the rolling resistance
The reinforced belt and shoulder area combined with the flexible sidewall offers many advantages: A lower rolling resistance, improved handling and superior driving comfort.

“Whisper bars” keep noise to a minimum
To keep the rolling noise generated on asphalt to a minimum, Continental engineers have developed small rubber segments that form a bridge between the shoulder blocks. Besides their contribution to the overall driving comfort, they help disperse water quickly in wet conditions.

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