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Continental SportContact 6: Rezulteo’s test

New tyres Published the 16/09/2015 by Julien Taillandier

The SportContact 6 is tyre manufacturer Continental’s new sports tyre. Crowned by a recent record on the Nürburgring track equipping the Honda Civic Type R, the SportContact 6 is set to become a future benchmark in its category.

Porsche testing out the Continental SportContact 6 Given the opportunity to test Continental’s new SportContact 6, we were in for a great track performance surprise - Copyright © : Continental

Returning with its 6th generation, Continental is changing the name of its new sports tyre. From ContiSportContact, it now becomes SportContact. A desire to simplify, but not reflected in this newcomer’s especially advanced development.

For many years now, the German tyre manufacturer’s sports range has set the benchmark, whether it be for its 5 version or the more radical 5P. As a result, the "SC6" carries a heavy load on its shoulders, but its teaser launch demonstrates its enormous potential.
Indeed, this tyre has been used on the new Honda Civic Type R, the most powerful front wheel drive in the world, setting the fastest lap time in its category on the Nürburgring track (7'50''63). Logically, the SC6 equips this car as standard, an achievement that demonstrates the undeniable efficiency of this tyre.

Picture of the new Continental SportContact 6Copyright © : Continental

Even sportier!

Continental announced it: the SportContact 6 is even sportier than its predecessor, and moves closer to its 5P version.

Clearly engineered for very high performance vehicles, type Audi R8 or Porsche 911, it has been developed to deliver a unique driving experience while maintaining a very high level of safety.


Technologically sophisticated

To progress in all areas, the SC6 is not a revised version of its predecessor, but a new tyre integrating new developments, with a specific focus on certain features:  

  • The tread design is optimised to improve the transfer of forces, therefore efficiency and responsiveness
  • The rubber compound adapts to the road surface to create a suction effect.

This tyre is significantly better than its predecessor. Up to 14% better in certain areas.  

Discover the video of the SportContact 6 in action:

Test on the Blister Berg ...

Continental opted to launch its new tyre on the Blister Berg Track in Germany, not unlike a "mini-Nürburgring": different altitudes, change of pace ... many difficulties that could have a negative impact on the SportContact 6.

... On the dry …

With its flat-6 engine delivering 340hp, the Cayman GTS was ideal to evaluate the SportContact 6. Its perfectly balanced chassis provided a good indication of the quality of tyres.

In terms of pure sporting ability, the test on the fast part of the track circuit allowed the progress made in comparison with the ContiSportContact 5 to be assessed. The tyre immediately gave the impression that the car locks into the corners when entering them with millimetric precision. Steering changes and hard braking revealed the precision and responsive nature of the tyre. The sensations felt are half way between those of a standard sports tyre and those of a semi-slick.

Testing the SportContact 6 in cornersCopyright © : Continental


... And in the rain!

The first laps of the track highlighted the tyre’s typical “dry asphalt” nature.  As a result, when Continental announced its excellent performance in wet conditions, we were curious to check this out since these are usually opposing performances. With this in mind, the torrential rain that suddenly fell on the track was considered to be good news.

It was now time to change vehicles and tackle the twisty part of the track. For this exercise, three sports cars equipped with all wheel drive were available: an Audi RS3 (340hp), a Mercedes Class A45 AMG (360hp), and a Volkswagen Golf 7 R (300hp). 

In these conditions, the first corners were taken with caution due to the significant amount of water crossing the track and the risk of losing grip. Despite the bad weather, the SportContact 6 proved imperial on each of these three vehicles and was impressive, even in terms of its positioning.

The SC6 turns out to be very stable when taking bends at high speed, with a good steering response and no sudden loss of grip. Even when it is taken to the limit of its grip, this tyre is progressive and responsive

Track test of Continental’s SportContact 6 Copyright © : Continental

To conclude, the SportContact 6 is in a class of its own. Even if it is developed specifically for drivers looking for a high performance product, it by no means overlooks safety issues or driving pleasure

Available dimensions:

The SportContact 6 is currently available in 41 sizes ranging from 19 to 23 inches. Other sizes will be available in the coming months.

Discover other photos of the track test:

Continental SportContact 6