New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Continental ContiSportContact5 P, a new muscle tyre

Continental ContiSportContact5 P, a new muscle tyre

New tyres Published the 16/08/2010 by Julien

With this new tyre, Continental is aiming at enhancing its credibility on the sports tyre market by offering a very special product aimed at exceptionally high-performance cars.

The new Continental ContiSportContact 5 P

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The market positioning is clear, this tyre is not designed to replace the SportContact 3, but is a complement to it, for fitting to more powerful cars, and offering a high level of performance.


To reach its goal, manufacturer Continental is offering a veritable technical arsenal:

  • Hybrid assymetric tread composed of nylon and Kevlar.
  • Rigid and stable centre ribs between the tread grooves to reduce distortion of the tread surface and offer optimum steering precision.
  • « Macro-block » tread developed to improve the all-roundability of the tyre and its adaptability to the road surface.
  • « Black Chili » technology, a technical process developed for auto sport which warms up the rubber quickly, whilst offering high stability. The polymers reinforced with nano-particles provide much higher flexibility, and improved grip.
  • Optimisation of the rubber mixtures and the belting in order to cut down on tyre heat and thus reduce the rolling resistance.
  • Tread pattern edges are offset and inclined in order to reduce braking distances. 

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This package looks promising, and we can’t wait to try it under real conditions to see if this tyre lives up to its promises!

This tyre is available with a ZR speed rating and in 18 to 23 inches with type approvals for Audi Quattro and Mercedes.