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Continental ContiSportContact 5: positive driving sensations

New tyres Published the 22/12/2010

We were able to test the latest Continental at the wheel of a BMW X6 35d in the Porto region in Portugal. Too short an excursion to really test the ContiSportContact 5 but enough to appreciate its excellent responsiveness.

ContiSportContact 5 tyres on BMW X6 Copyright © : Continental

The context: The countryside around Porto

To get an idea of the qualities of its latest tyre, Continental gave us a BMW X6 35d SUV fitted with ContiSportContact 5. The test was more of a handover than a performance test, as the route proposed was only about fifteen kilometres and the traffic was rather heavy. We would have liked to push it to its limits on a race track. It's the least to ask for a sports tyre…


Road book ContitekniforumCopyright © : Continental

A good first impression
Anyway, despite this frustration, the route held a few configurations that enabled us to appreciate the excellent responsiveness of the ContiSportContact 5: tight bends, successive corners, dips, etc. Obviously this is a directive and biting tyre.

Each movement of the steering wheel turns the SUV with great responsiveness. It enters the corner with a certain accuracy and with no feeling of floating. It seems to filter out road imperfections quite well for a sports tyre and the noise level is rather measured.