New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Continental ContiSportContact 5 confirms its sporting vocation

Continental ContiSportContact 5 confirms its sporting vocation

New tyres Published the 22/12/2010

Continental presented the latest evolution of the ContiSportContact, a high-performance tyre for sports saloons and SUVs. Based on its Black Chilli technology, the manufacturer claims to have enhanced the balance of performances even further. The ContiSportContact 5 will be available from the spring of 2011.

BMW X6 with Continental ContiSportContact 5 tyres Copyright © : Continental

Target: for sports saloons and SUVs

The ContiSportContact 3, is a tyre that is recognised in the world of sports cars. Particularly in the category of powerful hatchbacks, as we were able to note at the 2010 Motor Show (link to the article). It offers confirmed sports steering precision, and safety without compromise. The ContiSportContact 5 is based on it, enhancing the features of its predecessor on several points, while at the same time treating the environmental issue more concretely. The ContiSportContact 5 is aimed at sports saloons and high-performance SUVs.

Pneu ContiSportContact 5 de ContinentalCopyright © : Continental

Strengths: safety, RR, longevity?? 

The ContiSportContact 5 was developed for reasonable sports driving. Compared to its predecessor, the manufacturer announces rolling resistance that has been reduced by 10%, greater longevity and enhanced safety. As a result, the energy efficiency is significantly improved, but sportiness remains its priority with a tread that favours grip and handling with, in particular a micro-block tread. This graph shows the level of all its performances, and can be used to compare it to its predecessor.

Continental has also announced a 9 % reduction in stopping distances compared to the ContiSportContact 3.


Technology: the Black Chilli rubber compound 

Black Chili technology is a mixture of adaptive rubber enabling the tyre to adapt to driving constraints.

>>See our technical file for more details on how it works.

Available for sale from: spring 2011 

On sale from spring 2011

This new tyre will be on sale in a few months time and will be available in saloon and SUV versions:

50 series40/35 series45 seriesSUV
205/50 R17 V / W XL
215/50 R17 W XL
225/50 R17 Y XL
245/40 R17 Y
225/40 R18 Y XL
235/40 R18 Y XL
245/40 R18 Y XL
255/35 R18 Y XL
205/45 R17 W XL
215/45 R17 W/W XL
225/45 R17 Y/Y XL
225/45 R18 Y XL
235/45 R17 Y/Y XL
235/45 R18 Y XL
245/45 R17 Y XL
245/45 R18 Y XL
235/55 R18 V
255/55 R18 Y XL
255/50 R19 Y XL
275/45 R19 Y XL
275/40 R20 Y XL
275/45 R20 Y XL

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