New tyres: news about products from manufacturer - Continental ContiEcoContact 5: safer, more ecological

Continental ContiEcoContact 5: safer, more ecological

New tyres Published the 06/01/2011

The ContiEcoContact 5 is the new reference in the manufacturer's green range. Designed for passenger cars, according to Continental, this tyre reconciles excellent rolling resistance with short braking distances. It will be on sale from the second quarter of 2011.

Picture of new ContiEcoContact 5 tyre Copyright © : Continental

An end to target conflicts?

The ContiEcoContact 5 claims significant progress on its predecessor, especially concerning the marriage between usually incompatible variables: braking and rolling resistance.

Although the ContiEcoContact 3 was remarkable for its excellent dynamic and safety properties, it lagged behind some of its competitors as regarding savings. The ContiEcoContact 5 has considerably enhanced this point, offering a good balance of overall performance.

ContiEcoContact 5Copyright © : Continental

A 20% reduction in rolling resistance

Continental has made significant improvements to rolling resistance: the manufacturer claims to have reduced it by 20% compared to the ContiEcoContact 3. This advance leads to a 3% reduction in consumption.

This demonstrates the evolution from the ContiEcoContact 3 to the 5 over a set of performances.

Compared performances between ContiEcoContact 3 and 5Copyright © : Continental

Available: spring 2011

This tyre will be available in the following dimensions:

70/65 series

60 series

55/50 series

165/70 R 14 T
185/65 R 15 H

195/65 R 15 95 H XL

195/65 R 15 V

205/65 R 15 W XL

185/60 R 15 84 T
185/60 R 15 H XL
195/60 R 15 H

195/55 R 15 V

205/55 R 16 H XL / V XL

215/55 R 16 W XL

225/55 R 16 Y XL

195/50 R 15 V