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Continental ContiEcoContact 5: everything redesigned

New tyres Published the 06/01/2011

We met with the Continental engineers who worked on the ContiEcoContact 5 tyre. They present the improvements made to the brand's new green tyre to make it even more efficient.

Image of ContiEcoContact 5 tyre Copyright © : Continental

There are many differences between the ContiEcoContact 3 and the 5. Casing, compound, tyre contour, tread design: the whole tyre has been redesigned: The sidewall and bead (zone holding the tyre on the rim) have been carefully reworked with the creation of a modified core (part above the metal ring, more commonly called the bead wire) which is harder to make the tyre stiffer and yet permits less deformation in the bead area thanks to a new compound.  These solutions have reduced the thickness of the tyre, and hence its weight.

A squarer structure

The ContiEcoContact 5's rubber compound uses a new type of polymer chain that bond the silicates more firmly into the compound. The movements of the chemical components in the rubber are reduced. Result: better grip on wet surfaces and low rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance has been improved with significant work on the tyre's contour, giving it a squarer structure and optimising the distribution of tread depths.

Picture of ContiEcoContact 5 tyreCopyright © : Continental

The tread

With the ContiEcoContact 5, the aim of the Continental engineers was to reduce tread deformation in the tyre contact patch. To achieve this, extra-thin sipes were incorporated into the tread lugs to work like "windscreen wipers" on wet roads. They cut through the film of water and ensure short braking distances.  Also, the edges of the lugs are designed to remain stable, contributing to low rolling resistance.

All these advances have enabled Continental to show results that are considerably better than its predecessor:

> 20% better rolling resistance

> 12% longer life

> reduced braking distances.

Here is  a diagram showing the improved contact patch of the ContiEcoContact 5, compared to the 3:

Braking performance between ContiEcoContact 3 and 5Copyright © : Continental